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  • How much is a session?
    Sessions start at $229 and can be individualized based on the selected treatments needed.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    To provide the best care possible, we do not participate in any insurance network.
  • Do I have to be an athlete?
    No, performance psychology can be applied to any field! Whether you are a musician, artist, performer, or just need to boost productivity/motivation - we are here to help!
  • How can I schedule an appointment?
    Use this link to book.
  • Do you offer sessions via video-call?
    Yes, we offer 24/7 video-call availability on Skype, contact us to schedule an appointment.
  • How can I Text/Call you?
    Have a question or want to shcedule an appointment? You can use our phone number to call and/or text us: (213) 334-3948
  • What is Sports Psychology?
    Sports psychology utilizes psychological approaches to boost wellness and performance in athletes. You can view our full report on Sports Psychology in our blog here:
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