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Pre-Pro Institute improves athletes' mental health & mental ability to perform.

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Dr. Clifford Feldman

MD  |  JD |  MFS  |  Founder  |  Medical Director

Dr. Feldman is a Board Certified psychiatrist and attorney who has been practicing psychiatry in Southern California for over 25 years. He is a USC/Keck School of Medicine Adjunct Clinical Professor who has been conducting clinical research for a decade.  “Our mission is to provide online mental health treatments in fields like Psychiatry, Psychology, Sports Psychology, Maternal Wellness, and Mental Coaching. With online telepsych, we hope to reach more people that need treatment, especially while homebound during the coronavirus pandemic."


D. Karmen

"I can truly say the support, insight, and tools my son received has been invaluable. There has been a tremendous boost in his ability to manage school and the high demands of playing football and maintaining life..."

E. Jacobs

"As an athlete, the improvement to my mental health has translated to every aspect of my life, including my performance on the court. The professional resources at PPI were essential for me to reach my full potential."

A. Baum

"Although the chief complaint may be a performance problem, scratching under the surface may reveal a psychiatric issue."

What Athletes Are Saying

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